Smell good Feel good this May.

CK, Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Victor Rolph -

Smell good Feel good this May.

Fragrances can convey a million moods, which is why choosing the right men’s perfume is so important.  The best men’s perfumes isn’t about just the final touches to an outfit it’s much more then that now its all about how a scent can make you feel. To feeling relaxed, happy and most importantly to feeling confident.

All of the five scents are very mass appealing  and widely loved by our men all over the world! so it will be hard to find anyone who dislikes them. 

Starting with one of my most loved scent, the Dolce & Gabbana Light blue Intense pour homme. When you first spray the perfume on to your self it will be the same smell when it has dried out just a softer version of the top notes. Now what are the top notes of this perfume? The first sniff has a really delightful blast of grapefruit, grapefruit has a very pleasant and uplifting citrusy scent along side with mandarin along with that it gives beachy vibes this perfume will go along beautifully on a hot summers day.


Viktor Rolph Spicebomb

The male equivalent of flower bomb, this aftershave will have the ladies falling for you guys as spice bomb is a woody and spicy compostiotion that triggers seduction. This aftershave has an explosive concentrate of masculine sensuality. It has the perfect balance between strength and elegance, intensity and passionate, powerful and daring.  Revealing masculinity from every angle. Lets not forget the details. Housed in a bottle shaped like a hand grenade which even has a pin adorned with the Viktor and Rolf seal. Spicebomb has a statement of self-assurance .


For Polo Blue Eau de Toilette, Ralph Lauren wanted to bottle the freedom of the blue sky, the energy of the open waters and the warmth of the sun on your back in one unique fragrance.

So let’s get into the notes! Initially fresh, Melon and Cucumber bring to this fragrance for men an invigorating burst of freshness; lush, masculine and energising. The aromatic heart notes of Sage, Geranium and Basil create a natural, aromatic sensuality.

The beautiful, the warm and enveloping base notes of Suede, and Sheer Musk ensure to this perfume a long lasting and unique trail which the women will be following .


Calvin Klein CK Be unisex fragrance makes a sensual, intimate statement. A scent to subtle that another person needs to be very close to you to locate this tantalising fragrance. CK Be is a unique, tonic musk that is clean and fresh, possessing a blend of musk, mandarin, magnolia, peach and sandalwood. It draws you in without being overpowering. The top notes which include juniper and mint both add brightness to the scent furthermore the mandarin pairs beautifully with the juniper, and the bergamot really wakes you up which makes you feel refreshed for your long day ahead of you . The heart notes that really come out is the peaches, it's very soft  and yet  juicy spray following along with the vanilla although it is a unisex perfume I think that the vanilla brings out the feminine side and brings out the sweetness . I would personally wear this perfume on the way to the gym or just lounging at home .


Top of form the Dolce&Gabbana The One For Men Eau de Parfum is an oriental signature for men offering a deeper fragrance experience for the perfume connoisseur. Masculine and magnetic, this highly intense scent is a statement of charisma and sophistication.

Vibrant and elegant, top notes of grapefruit, coriander and basil reveal the oriental spicy signature of the fragrance. Warm and spicy notes of ginger and cardamom combine with charming, sweet orange blossom, captivating with their masculinity. A base of rich, intense tobacco, sensual ambery notes and warm cedarwood creates a deep and lasting impression.

The longevity is 7 to 10 hours which is amazing as it will last long enough for you to go to work and come back home to your partner who will pull you in closer as that masculine scent has her intrigued .

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